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"Mary and Wendy sharing their lifelong journey of passion, pioneering and a deep Hearted sisterhood"

"Mary and Wendy sharing their lifelong journey of passion, pioneering and a deep hearted sisterhood"

What a gift it was to co-teach our “Journey to Wholeness” workshop with Mary Bowen in Asheville!  Mary and I have known and loved one another for over 20 years, and our relationship just continues to deepen as we cultivate the value of growing and learning from the wisdom of our aging time together.   Join us here in this intimate conversation about love, finding our voices, and the life affirming value of relationship!

Trent McEntire teaching Arcus

Marcos Apodaca teaching Arcus

Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle with PCA grads

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"Wendy Interviews Her Pioneering Physical Therapy Colleagues, Jan Hutchinson
and Rebecca Kern Steiner"

"Wendy Interviews Her Pioneering Physical Therapy Colleagues, Jan Hutchinson
and Rebecca Kern Steiner "

THE POWER OF COLLABORATION! I am so grateful to be here with my dear, longtime friends and colleagues, Jan Hutchinson and Rebecca Kern Steiner. They have each contributed so much to my growth and awareness, and they share a common passion with me of looking beyond accepted perceptions within our disciplines…to learn from the body’s wisdom, including updated, current discoveries within the scientific and medical communities.

How do we open to our body’s wisdom and integration? Rebecca and Jan each share how we have deeply affected one another’s personal and professional practices. Unfortunately, Rebecca could only stay with us for a short while, but her sharing is deeply personal and compelling.

We all share a hunger, curiosity, wonder and reverence for our body’s innate biointelligent wisdom, so that we are each growing as we are contributing to the disciplines within which we practice.

Jan particularly shares how she had quite a bit of Feldenkrais and Alexander experience before experiencing the 3Core Connections Embodied Perspective many years ago.

“I immediately left my session with you with a sense of “ownership” …I hadn’t had that feeling before. I experienced major gains in body movement and in my whole approach to how I wanted to treat my patients. You challenged the positioning of my body and I experience myself in multiple formations and that wasn’t true with the other disciplines, and this fascinated me as a physical therapist, because I felt that people get locked into doing squats or deep lunges, and forget to listen to their bodies. Some of my breakthroughs with you were:

  • Experiencing whole body movement patternings, rather than pieces and parts anatomy
  • Experiencing amazing growth in my perception of movement awareness
  • Narrowing my base of support
  • Discovering how to sense a DEEP hip hinge
  • Discovered an access to engaging my entire foot… especially an awareness of how putting contact on different parts of my foot would evoke different responses in my legs and whole body system!”

I am particularly grateful for the exchange Jan and I had about our willingness to look outside our profession for inspiration, so we can more fully understand how our bodies work in the gravitational field, and how response travels throughout our whole body, creating a profound shift in how people can release pain patterns.

I was so touched by Jan’s generous comment …

“Over the years, seeing you, Wendy, expanding and developing new concepts and languaging…you just burst like a NOVA into space, and I’m so blessed to be a part of your sparkle!

Your biggest growth, as I see it, is that you have not been harshly married to your original training or to a perception of how it has to be…you weren’t limited as to who you listened to, and that is what is giving you incredible inspirational work!”

It’s been the same for Jan and Rebecca…and I see this as fundamental to how we develop ourselves as “whole body” movement and bodywork educators…how do we have movement and/or bodywork be a direct experience, rather than someone else’s version of how we “should” move.

When we remember that a whole body experience of CORE is more than “core control” where the abdominals are a place of concentration…it’s more about “core coordination” which is an integration of whole body movement with the abdominals as part of a whole body movement patterning.

Remember, as Emilie Conrad said so beautifully “Movement is who we are…not something we do.”

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"Mary Bowen Shows Wendy Her Foot to Spine Revitalization Program on the Spine Corrector"

"Mary Bowen Shows Wendy Her Foot to Spine Revitalization Program on the Spine Corrector"

It’s so much fun to play with Pilates Elder, Mary Bowen, in her home studio in Killingworth, CT. I asked Mary to show me one way she wakes up her FOOT TO SPINE CONNECTIONS…so she jumped on her Spine Corrector that is facing the wall where her mentor, Pilates Elder, Bruce King’s, Arm apparatus are hanging.

Mary began…”a lot of people have lost their metatarsal ridge through incorrect walking, so this will bring it back…

  • Point and flex over the edge of the Spine Corrector
  • Walk each foot out to either edge of the Spine Corrector…where Mary said: ‘find the point just below the point of your big toe…it almost feels like being stabbed by a knife…it’s really a fundamental release point (of course, through this big toe connection, I also notice that Mary has “naturally” connected with her natural relationship with gravity from her inner arch to her inner ear!)

Mary notes that she feels, and you may feel, a pain at this point, which you can “yawn into” to see if it releases. She has less pain in her RIGHT foot, which she assumes is due to her being LEFT handed, and more overly dominant on that side.

  • Now walk back into the ARC of the Spine Corrector and lengthen your body forward to release your calves…don’t stay long in calf stretch …Mary learned that the hard way, as the next day, she didn’t have a normal leg. Stretching one at a time is more gentle.

Mary and I agree that Joseph Pilates was a natural bodyworker…so, on each of his apparatus, there is a massage opportunity

  • Now stay on balls of feet in ARC of Spine Corrector…as you get older, toes tend to curl – so release all the joints…Mary notes that her Big Toe and other toes are all the same length across, so she says she has a pug nose and pug toes!
  • Now go to the metatarsal ridge in the ARC of the Spine Corrector – stick toes into the crease and roll onto the top of your feet…Mary can feel that release all the way up her legs to her spine

Mary notes: If you are brave, you can go into the metatarsal ridges together by leaning toward the wall…I’m leaning into Bruce King’s Arm Machines that I got after his death.

  • Before you go to bed, you can walk on the edge of the barrel, because the first thing when you lie down is a cramp in your feet from a cramp in your head!
  • Just remember to play…when you begin with you feet, the next thing is your ankle wants to play, then your hip wants to play!
  • Wear TOE SEPARATORS to remind your toes to be long! Feet love to have attention!

Next time, Wendy, let’s play together on the Cadillac! I’d love to do that, Mary!

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"Mary Bowen and Wendy Explore Natural Squats on the Swedish Ladder"

"Mary Bowen and Wendy Explore Natural Squats on the Swedish Ladder "

What a joy it is to be with Mary Bowen in her magical studio on her property in Killingworth, CT. She’s 85 and so full of life and able to move so freely! I love exploring movement with’ll love seeing her climb the Swedish Ladder at the end! I also love hearing her stories about being with Joseph and Clara Pilates….and I asked her to share some of the ways that she plays with her Swedish Ladder, which was a favorite of one of Mary’s mentors, Pilates Elder, Bruce King.
Listen, as Mary guides us in movement with:

  1. Squat on the Swedish Ladder:
    “Let your shoulders be easy…Let your spine lengthen…Let your ribs drop…Let your waist drop…Let your lumbar drop
    Give all into gravity…..that is the beginning of the day that is significant for the spine…it feels so yummy! Where we will probably get tight is in the QL area…so many people’s ribs don’t open so they can’t release their spine. Then you extend your legs so you form a triangle, and then allow your whole body core to stand you up…
    Come feel it, Wendy….it just feels so right!”
    Mary leads Wendy in exploring this version of the movement:
    “Stand close to the ladder…hands are wider than shoulder width…and just sit down…shoulders let go…feel ribs go longer…waist and hips dropping into coccyx…and let out a sigh so you can get into your lumbar..
    With knee problems, maybe can’t do it…or you can put a bolster behind their knee and see if it works
    Then you push back into triangle…and with some people you would wait a moment and say drop your sternum forward if they are rounding their upper back…remember to come up from your feet to pelvis to spine…feel your open coccyx and top of your spine!”
  2. 1. Side Opening on Swedish Ladder:
    “Resting your arm and shoulder on the rung, feel your opposite floating rib with your thumb…don’t assume that you’re open at all, when you first arrive…
    I can yawn here and ….now, there’s a chest, a person a life! Before, it was pitiful! Oh, and I also have a torso…always follow your nipples – that will assure that you have a chest.
    Float your arm out and sense your ribs…that was Kathy Grant’s gift “ribcage arms”…float outer arm up…it’s light as though it’s going to climb up to the ceiling! I go all that way from rib cage..that’s something most people are not open to…it’s there, like an accordion …you know that, Wendy, your whole philosophy is about that!
    Once you’re as open as you can be, just find a rung on the ladder and it will depend on the feeling in your shoulder how high or low it is. Float your opposite elbow up toward the ceiling which is encouraging the ribs to open…relax your arm…then push gently into the floor with your feet and feel the surge up…let yourself go play in the traffic!
    Another yawn…exhale, then LOOK at the space….I didn’t have that space before…it still amazes me how constrained we are in our idea of ourselves….and every yawn takes me deeper!
    Then come up and compare the sides…my goodness – it’s Mutt and Jeff! Left side is: wide open and YES! Right side is: oh, no, I don’t think I can today! We’re full of that every day!
  3. 1. Mary Climbs the Swedish Ladder!
    “How can we tell if the spine can let go? Come stand behind me, Wendy, and put your hands on my hip crest bones.
    I’m going to let go of my feet and fully hang from my hands…..see where your hands go? See how much more length I got? Yes!
    We are never realizing the length of the spine…it’s open ended!”

    Thank you, Mary, I love you! xx

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"Mary Bowen Shares With Wendy Her History and Love with Pilates and Bruce King, Author of "Rules Of The Bones"

"Mary Bowen Shares With Wendy Her History and Love with Pilates and Bruce King, Author of "Rules Of The Bones"

It was so special being with Mary Bowen in her home studio in Killingworth, CT., playing together, and discussing her Pilates history. In this video, I asked Mary to continue to share stories about working with Joseph and Clara Pilates, and I also asked her to speak about her studies with Pilates Elder, Bruce King, a dancer, choreographer and author, who worked extensively with Joseph and Clara Pilates in their New York Studio. Bruce called his book, “Rules of the Bones…Exercise Theory and Program for Correct Body Usage”. I have an original copy and have enjoyed studying how Bruce envisioned “whole body movement”. In future videos, I will be exploring how historical exercises are based on perspectives of what was known about our bodymind at the time….what is exciting and powerful, is our ability to continue to be curious, exploring and revealing new approaches to understanding our human movement potential. I look forward to hearing your feedback and personal experience in your own life!


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"Wendy Plays On The Pilates Cadillac, With Kathy Grant's Monkey With No Springs”

"Wendy Plays On The Pilates Cadillac, With Kathy Grant's Monkey With No Springs”

Studying with Kathy Grant in her small studio at NYU is such a precious part of my Pilates history. I’m including 2 photos that I took with Kathy…notice how PLAYFUL she could be. After we took the photo sitting, she said “let’s do this together!” I couldn’t stop laughing, because it was so HER. Thank you for the memories, Kathy!

And…in my experience that was how Kathy approached studying and teaching Pilates. She took the exercises that Joseph Pilates taught her, and taught the person in front of her…always willing to adapt the exercise to meet the person, rather than molding the person to fit the exercise. If the client needed a ball between their heels or inner thighs, for proper leg and foot work… that is what happened. She attached straps to the overhead Cadillac poles to deepen awareness of curling forward. She made props with towels, small springs, cans, and had large Swiss Ball as part of her warm up program you would do before a session with her. Kathy used props freely and effectively to enliven her sessions and didn’t think “I’m not a real Pilates teacher”.

This exercise “Monkey with No Springs” is one of my favorites from Kathy. Here is a traditional exercise that Kathy adapted so we are facing the Cadillac poles, rather than having our backs to the poles. A good challenge is, with your feet and hands on the bar, after bringing the bar down and doing a ROLL UP forward, and then coming back up to the TEASER position….walk your sitting bones slightly forward and do the whole sequence again. Each time you walk your sitting bones forward, you are challenging your grounding and internal lift from a deeper place! Remember not to go so far that you can’t keep your lift.

It teaches such a “relational” way of being with ourselves. Even though Kathy did not talk about GRAVITY, she had a natural way of accessing it’s power. By using no springs on the PUSH THRU BAR, we are asked to deepen our whole body access to our own grounding and internal lift as we move.

We are standing on the shoulders of Joseph Pilates and each of the Pilates Elders who studied with him. Notice that I am allowing my body to tell me what it wants…so that my biointelligence is leading the movement, and each side gets the grounding and lift that it needs. I’m moving from my body’s bio-tensegrity “hands connected to foot and head”…as if my bones are floating in a sea of connective tissue!

By not pushing beyond what feels naturally grounded as my hands on the bar move from the “waterfall” down my back to my feet…..the internal lift from inner ankle to inner ear, and soft knees and elbows naturally massages and opens my back and primordial midline to a deepening breath awareness….creating a wide back, chest, soft throat and lift through my palate…..SO DELICIOUS and NOURISHING!

Allow yourself to PLAY! Listen to your body and it will guide you to release mental and emotional stress, relieve long held tension patterns, including scoliosis, and teach you to be self-healing. I just had my first bone density test, and at 68 years old, my doctor was impressed that my bones were so strong and healthy…he said “just keep doing what you’re doing!”

I have learned how to allow the tensegrity balance of my biointelligent body to guide me in playful movement…I invite you to join me!

Kathy Grant and Wendy on caddyKathy Grant and Wendy on cadillac

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“How Emilie Conrad’s Continuum Can Evoke Fluid Resonance in Pilates”

“How Emilie Conrad’s Continuum Can Evoke Fluid Resonance in Pilates”

“Following the breadcrumbs….” is a way that I speak with teachers about how I have sought out inspiring mentors who are blazing unchartered pathways that have helped me open to new awarenesses toward seeing and sensing whole body presence in my teaching and way of being in the world. Today, I’ll be sharing a special video with a former mentor, Emilie Conrad, sharing about her brilliant body of work entitled “Continuum”.

As I’ve grown my practice and approach to teaching over the years, through so many diverse, yet connected studies, I’m reminded that Joseph Pilates was not born “teaching Pilates”…rather, he grew himself and developed his method of “Contrology” by being a great observer of people, animals, and various bodies of work that inspired his vision to help people help themselves. We know, in viewing the archival video footage of Joseph Pilates working out and teaching from 1932-1945 which Mary Bowen compiled, that his method was based on his notion of “flowing movement”.

But what is “flowing movement”? In the original book “The Pilates Method of Physical and Mental Conditioning”, it is described as “flowing motion outward from a strong center.” This is often interpreted in Pilates as “over-stabilizing” the center by hardening the Pilates “box” from ribs to pelvis…which adversely affects breathing and a spatial support for the shoulders, hips and back. What is also missing from this statement is our updated understanding of how much we are affected by our environment...the space around us. So, a more current description of “flowing movement would be flowing outward from center to the periphery, and flowing inward from periphery to center”!

Studying Continuum has enabled me to gain a deeper, more fluid understanding of my body, and it’s relationship to my environment, inside and outside… which enables me to bring a more sensitive, whole person touch to my teaching.

I invite you to listen to Emilie speak about her vision of fluid resonance…how we fluidly develop… resting down and nourishing ourselves… establishing integrity and a deepening awareness of where we come from and how that develops us as human beings.

As a stunning example of fluid resonance, I had the privilege of working with one of Emilie’s teachers, Barbara Mindell, many years ago. Barbara had been paralyzed in an automobile accident before meeting Emilie, and it was in slowly exploring the underpinnings of Continuum with Emilie… the power of sound, wave motion, pulsation and vibration, that Barbara’s body began unlocking the trauma. I was with her as she began moving her toes for the first time in years.

As Emilie so eloquently reminded us…”We don’t do movement…we ARE movement”.

Watch Emilie's video here!

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Mary Bowen shares her experience of studying with Joseph Pilates

Mary Bowen shares her experience of studying with Joseph Pilates

Wendy interviews Mary Bowen in her intimate cottage studio on her magical property in Killingworth, Connecticut. Mary is a Pilates Elder who studied directly with Joseph and Clara Pilates.. after Joseph Pilates' death, she also studied with other students of Joseph and Clara Pilates… Romana Kryzanowska, Kathy Grant, Bob Seed, Bruce King, and speaks about how Joseph Pilates taught each person to create their own whole body health…and that "classical pilates" is a newly created marketing term…. not what Joseph Pilates taught in his lifetime.

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FASCIA…The Living Matrix…and Energy Medicine

FASCIA…The Living Matrix…and Energy Medicine and Pilates

We have a huge potential with the brilliant teachers, from many disciplines, who comprise the Pilates Community…especially those who attend the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) with an intention to collaborate and learn from one another. I have learned so much over the years, and know that, by moving beyond old "beliefs" , we can "stand on the shoulders of our past" with new, updated research, coupled with direct experience from our own "biointelligent" explorations.

I'd love to share a personal experience, as "fascia awareness" has become popular in Pilates. I was honored to be a participant at the First Fascia Research Congress that was held at Harvard Medical School in Boston in 2007. This was a landmark event, as it was the FIRST TIME IN MEDICAL HISTORY that a conference was dedicated to the study of connective tissue/fascia, an organ previously neglected in modern medicine. It was inspiring to witness the cross pollination and opportunities for NEW fields of research about "fascia" that could occur when scientists from many disciplines became acquainted with one another's life's work. It wasn't long after that pioneering conference that I became a Founding Member of the Fascia Research Society.

Robert Schleip, a Structural Integration Practitioner and scientist, was one of the event organizers, as the Fascia conference was held back-to- back with our FIRST IASI -International Association of Structural Integrators - Conference.

As scientists, James Oschman and Donald Ingber spoke about "Energy Medicine" and "The Cytoskeleton of the Cell as a Tensegrity Structure", I was reminded of how important it is to open our minds to new perceptions about the "beliefs" we have about the work we are doing in Pilates and other disciplines.

Serge Gracovetsky, PhD, said this about how his mind, and the direction of his research, was influenced:

"That conference was one of the most productive I have been involved with. I am not a clinician, but I knew that manual therapy was effective since I witnessed the benefits that my wife received from a chiropractic friend following a car accident. Why it worked was a mystery to me, and the absence of hard data in the literature (i.e. convincing blind studies with control group) did not help. Boston 2007 changed all that. On Thursday morning, the direct impact of stress at the cellular level, including the expression of DNA targeting the build up of muscle was coolly laid out in no uncertain terms. I was mesmerized by the movie of Dr. Guimberteau which instantly obsoleted all mathematical models of tissue biomechanics that I knew. That was the evidence I was looking for. The question is no longer whether manual therapy is an efficient alternate form of medicine. The data demonstrates that the therapy intervenes at a very primitive and fundamental level in our systems. It has to have a major effect. That was a total surprise to me."

"In truth, I realized since the early 1990's that the classical representations of the musculo- skeletal system were incorrect. Confronted with many discrepancies in the calculations, I sensed that something fundamental was missing. I tried but could not reconcile the logic of Tensegrity with serious spine biomechanics. Boston 2007 provided the pathway. It suddenly made so much sense."

Dr. Thomas Findley, event co-coordinator, was thrilled with the sold-out attendance…he said: "That was the purpose of this conference…to bring people together from many disciplines: clinicians who work with fascia, such as Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Acupuncturists, Rolfing/Structural Integration Practitioners, Massage Therapists, along with scientists. The clinicians observe things that are going on, and the scientists measure it…and the interchange between the two lead to better treatment for the human condition as we move forward."

If the "willingness" to work together had not been there, we would not have the new fields of research and unexpected collaborations that have occurred since 2007.
Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle

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Wendy Interviews M.D., Embryologist, Jaap van der Wal August 13, 2014

Wendy Interviews M.D., Embryologist, Jaap van der Wal

How inspiring it was to study recently with pioneering M.D., Embryologist, Jaap van der Wal. His forward-thinking approach to the study of embryology is based on the brilliant work of Erich Blechschmidt, along with his own direct experience and research as a Phenomenologist.

As you will see in my video interview with Jaap, he proposes that science is addicted to "causality"…that science is "ponderable"……and, considering that we are body, mind and spirit…. that there must be something in us that is "non-ponderable". He mentioned to us in the workshop that when he woke up that morning...he did not say, "hello, brain". He also proposes that it is a mistake of neuroscience to focus so much on the brain and cognition….he points out that "awareness is non-ponderable". We are so much more than a "brain"….after all, only YOU can measure your consciousness.

What landed in me at a deeper level in this workshop with Jaap that was birthed in my studies with Emilie Conrad and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, is the inquiry of...the body is not a body…the body is movement. We begin our embryonic voyage in the womb, as we fold, spiraling in and out, cells migrating, growing organs and gesturing through our arms and legs…….and, incredibly, there is an intimate relationship between the first growth gestures and our later use of our arms and legs as we grow into adulthood. What is mind boggling is that our experience of forming and re-forming as an embryo in the womb is what is happening in our bodies as movement and healing potential till the day we die! We never lose the embryo within us. I agree with Jaap, that bridging our preoccupation with cadaver-based, objectifying, static anatomy with a first person knowledge, appreciation and awareness of our deep biointelligence is the pathway to truly being in our primary, gesturing, lived body, in relationship with gravity, ourselves, one another and our environment.

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Phillip Beach speaks about PSOAS as NOT most important midline muscle | May 2014

Phillip Beach speaks about PSOAS as NOT most important midline muscle

In this conversation with Phillip Beach, Osteopath and Acupuncturist from New Zealand, who we hosted in 2013 and 2014, we are inquiring into the Psoas as the most important midline muscle.

Rather than isolating and naming muscles, what I have come to understand in my studies, and what Phill speaks about is the importance of seeing every muscle as important , in relationship with every other muscle, in relationship with the gravitational field.

The Psoas lives in an ecology of muscles and joints….we need to step away from individual muscles and look at PATTERNS of MOVEMENT which model human movement.

In Embryology, the arms and legs come from a single developmental field….and the CORE of developing insights into the ease and di-ease of human movement is through studying human movement patterning….how do we flex, sidebend, extend, etc., and what is missing that can create balance?

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Phillip Beach Demonstrates Importance of Partnering with Gravity..Floor Sitting to Standing Up

Phillip Beach Demonstrates Importance of Partnering with Gravity..Floor Sitting to Standing Up

Hosting Phillip Beach, author of "Muscles and Meridians: The Manipulation of Shape", from New Zealand in 2013 and 2014 has been very important for us in the Pilates community. Many years ago, I was introduced to the study of Embryology and it's significance in understanding how our bodies really function as we grow from child to adulthood.

Having Phill in the U.S. has affirmed this vital information and created a ripple effect with many teachers that is very exciting and can make huge differences in how we assess, research, and cue movement potential.

In this video, Phill is speaking about the importance of partnering with gravity. When we spend time daily on the floor and practice getting up to standing, we energize our hands and feet, which are portals to whole body movement.

The diaphragms of the hands and feet, pelvic floor, respiratory diaphragm, thoracic outlet, cranial base/palate….are Domes of Uplift or Bandas….ways the body expresses internal lift naturally in relationship with gravity.

As Phill points out, standing up from floor sitting is a fundamental way we model human movement, and is essential to how our system works. The hands and feet in his Contractile Field Model, which is based on Embryology, amplify twisting through oblique patterns…the neuro-architecture of our brain is deeply connected to our sense organs and arms and legs.

Watching Phillip Beach move from floor sitting to standing up, we see him model a well tuned system.

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Spirals of Health Movement Symposium

Spirals of Health Movement Symposium - Reflections with Judith Aston, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, & Emilie Conrad. Recorded on October 21, 2012

This extraordinary 40 minute video with my mentors and movement pioneers, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Emilie Conrad and Judith Aston highlights them sharing their visionary approaches to seeing the body as a bio-intelligent organism, rather than a machine to be trained and fixed.

It was part of the Spirals of Health Symposium that I attended at J.F. Kennedy University in Oakland, CA, in 2012. Bonnie, Emilie and Judith had not been together in a teaching environment for 30 years. Over 2 days, they each shared the vision of how their journeys unfolded, taking us through powerful movement explorations…each with a unique expression, yet coming from the same place of how the body, in relationship with gravity, emerges ongoingly from birth to aging….and that, the way we interact with ourselves, either inhibits and interrupts that expression, or enhances and feeds our ability to be adaptive, engaged and self-healing.

This is a potent time in my personal and professional growth, as I am off to Santa Monica, CA., for a month to study in the Wellspring Practitioner Training that I was originally scheduled to be in with Emilie Conrad. With Emilie's illness and recent passing, I am very present to the potency of "following the breadcrumbs" of a vital pioneering approach to human movement potential, as I will be studying with senior teachers of Emilie's "Continuum" philosophy, who understand the essence of what she was teaching.

I'm very excited to share this deep knowledge with you in the future, and to show how it profoundly alters how we understand and practice, Pilates, yoga, and any other movement and bodywork expression, with deep respect and love, xwendy

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Wendy On The Passing Of Her Mentor, Emilie Conrad

Wendy On The Passing Of Her Mentor, Emilie Conrad

Wendy shares how her Continuum Movement practice feeds her Pilates practice.

Continues Part 2

How Continuum Has Transformed Wendy's Pilates Practice and Teaching

How Continuum Has Transformed Wendy's Pilates Practice and Teaching

Expressions of movement like Pilates, yoga, running, dancing, weight lifting, can be done from an intention to "work hard", or from allowing a relationship with gravity and space. Rather than gripping my abs with "core control", I can experience my body's " tensegrity" through "core coordination" by accessing the interrelationship between my body's periphery and midline, and the space that surrounds me. When I focus on a movement to "do it right", I notice that it creates unnecessary tension. When I release into gravity's support, and learn to allow myself to be moved by the fluid resonance that naturally moves me, I discover my wholeness in any movement.

Continuum is a visionary movement expression that has opened me to a powerful relationship with fluid resonance…through wave and spiral motion, sounding, and allowing my primordial bio-intelligence to move me. Through my Continuum practice, I have learned to be in my body in a way that has transformed my practice and teaching of Pilates along with every expression of my existence. I am so grateful to visionary teachers like Emilie Conrad who have fed my vision to make a difference in this lifetime. To learn more for yourself, go to:

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Phillip Beach Interview in Austin, 2014

Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle & Phillip Beach Interview 2014

Phillip Beach is a renowned author ("Muscles and Meridians: The Manipulation of Shape), lecturer, teacher Osteopath and Acupuncturist. Through his "Contractile Fields Theory", Phillip gives a new voice to the embryological formation and patterning of human movement.

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Phillip Beach Interview in New Zealand, 2012

Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle & Phillip Beach Interview, New Zealand 2012

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