The Pilates Center Of Austin "Getting Started"

If you're new to Pilates, getting started couldn't be easier. We have programs for everyone and every body, no matter what your current fitness level. Whether you're an athlete, a dancer, a teacher, a computer geek, a granddad, a mom, a couch potato, or someone recovering from an injury or illness, Pilates is a perfect fit–because it meets you right where you are. Our instruction and coaching are geared to You–to Your needs, and Your goals and ultimately to "transforming" your relationship to your fitness, health and well-being.

We have structured our fees to support you in making that happen:

  1. Our Introductory Classes, both Private and Group, are significantly discounted.
  2. Once you have completed your Introductory Series, our classes are further discounted when you purchase them in Series of 12.
  3. What's more, we offer even deeper discounts to reward the frequency with which you come.
  4. Plus, we offer pain-free Payment Plans.
  5. And finally, there are never any membership fees or annual dues!

Begin your training with one of our 5 "Intro Options":

Group Classes are on Mon (morn), Thurs (noon) and Sat (morn).
Private Sessions may be scheduled at most any time, Teacher schedules permitting.

Option 1: Personal Pilates Consultation
  • Personal Consultation
    Introductory Special: Reg price $90 - save $25
    A one-hour Personal Consultation, in which your Instructor will review your needs and goals with you, provide you with a fitness assessment, acquaint you with mat and equipment workouts, and make recommendations as to the most appropriate way for you to proceed.
Option 2: "Getting Started" Combo Session Package #1
  • 4 "Getting Started" Group Pilates Classes + 1 One-Hour Private Session
    Introductory Special: Reg price $190 - save $55
    This series is geared toward teaching you the fundamentals in a both a group class and individual setting, and includes 2 Mat and 2 Reformer classes, plus 1 one-hour Private session.
Option 3: "Getting Started" Private Session Package
  • 3 One-Hour Private Sessions
    Introductory Special: Reg price $270 - save $75
    Since these are all one-on-one sessions, your trainer's sole attention is on your needs and goals. A solid way to launch into your Pilates training.
Option 4: "Getting Started" Combo Package #2
  • 4 "Getting Started" Group Pilates Classes + 3 One-Hour Private Sessions
    Introductory Special: Reg price $370 - save $105
    This package includes the best of both worlds: not only a full series of "Getting Started" Group Classes, but also a full series of 3 private sessions, ensuring that you get the maximum amount of personal attention to firmly ground you in going forward. This option is the fastest way to progress with your Pilates training.
Option 5: For Experienced Pilates Clients – New to the Studio
  • 1-Month: 4 Reformer/Equipment Classes + 4 Mat Classes + 1 One-Hour Private
    Introductory Special: Reg price $330 - save $85
    This series is geared towards clients already experienced with a regular Pilates practice and in good health. You must show proficiency with both Mat and Equipment work. This is a one-month Group Class package as an introduction to the Studio, our classes and our class schedule.

After you have completed your "Getting Started" series,
We Will work with you to create a customized fitness program:

Enjoy even deeper discounts to reward the frequency with which you attend, along with pain-free Payment Plans

Please also note: Except where otherwise indicated, fees for Private Sessions are for our comprehensively Certified Practitioners. If you wish to work with Senior Practitioner Marcos Apodaca or Master Practitioner and Director Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle, please inquire at our front dest for their fee schedules.

Personal Training Sessions

Private Sessions
$75 - $90
Semi-Private Sessions (Duets/Trios)
$45 - $60

Group Workout Classes

Pilates Matwork Classes
$15 - $25
  • A series of challenging well-balanced movements performed on floor mats. Enjoy a pure and simple workout, as you challenge your body, focus your mind, and build long, lean and strong muscles and healthy joints.
Pilates Equipment Classes
$23 - $35
  • Reformer, Cadillac, and Chair.
    Achieve a full-body workout on the ingenious spring-powered machines that made Pilates a household word. An important complement to your Pilates matwork!
Specialty Classes
$23 - $35
  • Circuit Pilates:
    Kick your workout up a notch! These classes are conducted at a faster-pace, rotating through the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair & Barrels.
  • Cadillac / Tower:
    The Cadillac is an excellent tool for breaking down motion into small pieces, assisting in the restoration of optimal movement patterns.
  • 3Core Yoga
  • "Off-the-Wall" with Yoga Wall
    Our Yoga Wall System is an exciting and integral part of our approach to Pilates. Come fly with us, and take the feeling of weightlessness into your everyday life!
  • SeniorFit™
    Growing old isn't for Sissies. (Yes, we mean you—55 and up, y'all.) A gentler workout, focused on improving those concerns most important to us as we age: balance, bone density and strength, flexibility, and mind-body coordination.

Complementing our Pilates classes and training programs, we offer Pilates-based wellness services to support those in injury recovery, pre- and post- partum mothers, and structural bodywork for those looking to create even deeper structural connections to support your Pilates. And Since attention to breath is such an integral part of our Pilates focus, and to one's health & well-being, we now offer breathwork awareness coaching for all, as well as for asthma and allergy sufferers.