2018 Workshops at the PCA

Passing the Torch Mentoring Program (PTT)
2017 (Final Week) in Austin

February 19th - 23rd

A Body at Peace from A Body in Pieces
John Sharkey, MSc

A Groundbreaking Paradigm Shift...
A deep dive into our self-emergent embryology...
visual, sensory and kinesthetic feast…
It’s Anatomy for the 21st Century…

 September 7-9th, 2018 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Location: Norris Conference Center
525 W. Anderson Ln #365 | Austin, TX 78757

Passing the Torch Mentoring Program (PTT)
2018 (1st Week) in Austin

June 11-15th

Passing the Torch Mentoring Program (PTT)
2018 (2nd Week) in Austin

October 15-19th

Workshops With Wendy (On the Road)

Teaching CORE to CORE

An Embodied Approach To
Seeing, Sensing, Touching and Cueing Movement Awareness

April 6-8th

Location: Sheppard Pilates Studio, Los Angeles, CA

Embodying Your Living Architecture…
Through the Portal of the 3Core Connections® Embodied Perspective

May 11-13th

Location: Presenting at Pilates Congress in Seville, Spain

John Sharkey Dissection Workshop
Wendy Attending

June 28-30th

Location: At University of Dundee, Scotland

Embodied Movement as Bodywork…
Demystifying the Relational Roots Between Pilates and Yoga
Hosted by Susan Burke

August 10-12th

Location: Pilates for Everybody, Vermont

Beyond the Form: Moving Past Classical & Contemporary
Hosted by Trey Fry, KineticMKE

August 24-26th

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Journey to the Advanced Pilates Matwork…
and Advanced Thinking for a Vital Life
Hosted by Kirstin deFrees

November 2-4th

Location: Every Body Pilates, Boston, MA

Online Workshops and Classes With Wendy

Cultivating the Biointelligent Body
Fusion Pilates EDU | Presented by Wendy

Currently Online and ready for registration

Wendy on Pilates Anytime
3Core Connections | Videos with Wendy

Catch Wendy on Pilates Anytime teaching an embodied approach to Pilates through: matwork and somatic movement classes, reformer flow classes, Tower/Caddy flow and Fascial Dog Flow Series, along with her workshops: "Discovering Your Inner Teacher" and “Classical Pilates and Embodiment”.

Access these classes FREE for 30 days by using Wendy’s personal code: WENDYLABA

PCA Workshop Details and Registrations

Cultivating the Biointelligent Body workshop with Wendy
Teaching CORE to CORE... An Embodied Approach to Seeing, Sensing, Touching and Cueing Movement Awareness
with Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle

There is a primal way of being in our body, which we know intuitively, and which traditional cultures, animals and babies know as their true nature…being at home in your body, knowing how to relax, relate to others, restore and strengthen, and listen to your body’s guidance to self-heal.

From this perspective, we discover that CORE, rather than a focus on the abdominals, is a dynamic expression of a relational way of being with gravity, ourselves, one another and our environment. This awareness opens us to whole body “core coordination”, rather than the static “core control”, which is like driving your car with the parking brake on!

This updated perspective is a biointelligent, mindful way of being in the world where we awaken to a fluid, fascial movement patterning that opens new ways of seeing, sensing, touching and cueing movement awareness, and a profound way of re-shaping our physical, emotional and mental body. You discover how to make the movements your own.

  • Explore embodied Pilates patterning through the key concepts of the
    3Core Connections® Embodied Perspective… a powerful contextual
    framework to embodying the universal principles that underlie all great
    bodymind disciplines;
  • Directly experience how pain from injury or habitual patterns from
    cultural conditioning can respond profoundly when approached through
    this embodied, fascial perspective;
  • Directly experience new approaches to seeing, sensing, touching and
    cueing patterns of walking, sitting and standing, so that gravity becomes a
    life affirming partner of spatial biotensegrity, rather than an enemy of
  • Observe Wendy teaching a private session on Saturday and a private
    session on Sunday through this embodied perspective, bringing the
    concepts to life;

Hosted by Cheryl Montelle and Risa Sheppard

  • April 6-8th
  • Location: Sheppard Method Pilates
    2180 Westwood blvd | Los Angeles, CA 90025
  • $620: Early Bird, Ends February 18th
    $645: Full Price (Fri Eve/Sat/Sun, 9-4:30pm)
  • $75: Three Hour Friday, Only, 6-9pm | “Intro to CORE to CORE”
  • www.cherylmontelle.com

A Body at Peace from A Body in Pieces

A Paradigm Shift…New Vision in Bodywork and Movement Science

Are you eager to dive deeper into the intersection of living anatomy, fascia and movement?

This ground-breaking workshop with clinical anatomist and movement educator, John Sharkey, in collaboration with Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle, will take you on a visually rich journey of our human embryology and self-emergence. You will experience the integration of science, theories, evidence and lots of “real time kinesthetic experiences” … creating a visual and sensory feast , so you leave with tactile knowledge of the true nature of our human architecture.

“We can begin to see that a change of tension anywhere within a biotensegrity system, such as the mid back, is instantly signaled to everywhere else in the body chemically and mechanically. This structure works equally well right side up, upside down, in the sea, land, in the air or in space. It resolves many of the inadequacies of present biomechanical models.” …John Sharkey, MSc

We will compare and contrast a linear biomechanical approach, to this pioneering, biotensegrity “Helical body” approach of continuously tensioned contractile fascial fabric…”Anatomy for the 21st Century”!

Your Paradigm Shifting Journey into Biotensegrity:

  1. Three days of dynamic, thought provoking fascial movement and bodywork
  2. John will use living anatomy images and video content from his highly acclaimed fascial dissection courses held in Dundee University in Scotland.
  3. You will SEE first hand that there are no joints in the human body..and there is no stretching in tissues only gliding
  4. Discover how Embryology is evidence of our self-development, self-emergence, self-generated continuity of form from head to toe, back to front, birth to death
  5. Become aware of how Classical Clinical Anatomy is the ideal platform to demonstrate the flaws of current embryological thinking and yet point us in the direction of a new paradigm that does not require us to throw the baby out with the bathwater but does require us to retune our vision, our understanding and our appreciation of the connected oneness of all of us.
  6. We need the new language and vocabulary of biotensegrity to truly understand and explain human motion, breath and chronic pain

This workshop will integrate, along with movement science, numerous manual techniques including Positional Release and Strain-Counter-Strain approaches, Muscle Energy Techniques, Active Cold Therapy Stretching (ACTS) and others.

ABOUT…John Sharkey, MSc
Is a clinical anatomist, exercise physiologist, and European Neuromuscular Therapist. He has developed the world’s only Masters Degree in Neuromuscular Therapy which is accredited by the University of Chester, and conducts yearly highly acclaimed fascial dissection courses held in Dundee University in Scotland, with soft fixed cadavers using the Thiel embalming method. He is on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, the International Journal of Osteopathy, and the International Journal of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. He is also a member of the Olympic Councils Medical Team and a Founding Member of the B.I.G., Biotensegrity Interest Group, developed by Dr. Stephen Levin.

  • September 7-9, 2018 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
  • Location: Norris Conference Center
    2525 W. Anderson Ln #365 | Austin, TX 78757

Cultivating the Biointelligent Body workshop with Wendy
Cultivating the Biointelligent Body

I am thrilled to announce my first online workshop with FusionPilatesEDU.com has launched!

For the first time online I am offering a workshop I call Cultivating the Biointelligent Body. This workshop is designed to explore a biointelligent view of “core” …as a whole body coordination …from your foot, leg, hand, arm and head to your “breathing spine”…along with a new, updated view of your Pilates “Powerhouse”, from an embodied perspective.

You will learn valuable “embodied touch” cues, and watch the model's body release old patterning that created tendonitis and plantar fasciitis, through valuable awareness building movements using a Pilates mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and High Barrel. We all know that listening to your body is so valuable, and now you will see profound changes as they happen.

When we awaken to the embodied wisdom of our Biointelligent Body, we nurture a relationship with gravity and spatial orientation that is fundamental to knowing who we are, and where we are located in both our internal and external worlds. It is only through the physical body that we can experience this felt sense, which is “spatial medicine”.

Take advantage of the one day discount - I hope you enjoy!

  • 5 PMA CECs upon completion and passing of the required quiz. (Please remember, the PMA accepts a maximum of 12 online CECs toward their bi-annual 16 CEC requirement.)