Pilates Center of Austin: PIlates Teaser
October | 2014 | Issue 1

• A Halloween Contest with more than a Ghost of a Chance!

PCA Halloween Staff

Enter our most Phantom-astical! Halloween Contest Ever!

... well, ok, so it's just our 1st one ever, but we're offering up a treat, and it's no trick ...a chance to win a $100 Gift Certificate to the PCA! Bring in a pumpkin of any size, decorated in whatever manner you choose, and we'll have everyone, students, teachers, drop-ins, the UPS guy...cast a vote for the best one. All Boo-tiful submissions welcome: minimalist or over-the top, frightful or delightful, spooky or kooky, creepy or freaky. The winner will receive a $100 Gift Certificate to use in any way they'd like! No matter, we want you at your most Phantom-astic. So grab yourself a glass of Ghoul Aid or cup of hot Apple Spider, do a Tabatha nose twitch, and cast your best Halloween spell on that Punkin!

• Shhhh...Your Core wants to hear from You...

Core Whisperer with WendyJoin Wendy next month (Nov Issue) for her brand new video series, and become...A Core Whisperer!

In the world of health and fitness, "core" has largely become a buzzword, watered down as a profound distinction, and with that any real power of deep understanding and access.

In this enlivening series, we will explore Core as relationship: with gravity, ourselves, one another and our environment. And, how dynamic, life-affirming movement fully expresses itself through the expanded lenses that intersect Pilates and all the great body/mind disciplines…empowering us to… live life with passion, purpose and vitality.

When we open to "core as relationship", we awaken to our wholeness – our fluid resonance. Gravity ceases to be an adversary…and becomes a true friend. We are supported in our engagement with life, in the seamless dance that is our birthright.

Come join me. Let's explore together. Let's follow the breadcrumbs….

With deep love and respect,


• And the crowd goes Wild...

Marisa Peterson and Robert Varley

A Seamless Handoff!

Robert ends a stellar 12 year run, as he hands the baton off to Marisa, our new rising star Studio Manager. Everyone's a winner in this race! Although Robert assures us he misses us dearly, six weeks into his retirement, he still can't get that huge smile off his face. At the same time, Marisa has so enthusiastically taken the reins, hardly skipping a beat. With this seamless handoff, the PCA, too, remains a clear winner!

"Coming on as PCA Studio Manager in 2003 was simply the best career choice I ever made. Over these years, I have witnessed and helped usher in so many wonderful enhancements to the studio. I am grateful, beyond words, for the gifts I have received being with Wendy, Michael, Marcos and all the wonderful teachers, students and clients that have graced this empowering, nurturing, marvelous & magical place. I am one fortunate fellow."
~ Robert Varley

"I'm so excited to join the PCA family and look forward to providing our clients with the exceptional service they've come to expect during Robert's tenure.  This position brings together so many of my passions – health and wellness, creativity, and working with a fantastic team of caring people.  I am so grateful to Wendy, Michael, and the PCA staff, for providing me with this opportunity"!
~ Marisa Peterson

• Core From the Body's Perspective

Pilates Style Magazine July-August 2013

Pilates Style Magazine
July-August 2013

Wendy's article: "Core from the Body's Perspective" and experience more of her 3Core Connections Perspective, along with a teacher and client favorite: "Fascial Dog Flow Series - Phases I, II & III".

Wendy teaches you how to decrease tension throughout your body, energize the 2 directions of your spine, and experience an embodied Pilates practice by–exploring "core as relationship with gravity, ourselves, one another and our environment". Experience the body's natural power and poise with "core coordination", rather than over-stabilizing with "core control" and take that transformational awareness to your Pilates practice and teaching.

Read Article

• Our Community Partners

Our Community Partners

We turned HAAM Benefit Day into HAAM Benefit Week...
and Raised over $750!

We are so grateful to partner with organizations like HAAM, who's mission it is to provide access to affordable healthcare for Austin's low-income, uninsured working musicians. Along with hundreds of other Austin businesses, we have designated a portion of our proceeds to their annual fund drive. As one of our long standing community partners, we are delighted that our participation in this year's HAAM benefit fundraiser netted over $750 -- our largest contribution to date! We're absolutely delighted to make this contribution, in return for the immeasurable difference our musicians make, in making this city the city we love to be in.


• Next month is Food Safety Month

In our untiring efforts to keep you fully informed, we remind you that next month is Food Safety Month...Remember to not let your perishables stay out after curfew, and always be sure to scrub your platters clean, after finishing off those horror devours and finger sand-witches.

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