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November | 2014 | Issue 2

• Soon it'll be time to get the stuffing worked outta ya!

Happy thanksgiving

Hope you have a splendiferous Thanksgiving!

Now, come join us the DAY AFTER Thanksgiving (Nov 28th) for a FREE "Work Off that Turkey Stuffing" Class! Don't be a turkey...Reserve now, space limited!

• Camera...Ready...Action!


Wendy's 1st video short in her new series is here. Your just a click away from beginning your journey toward... Becoming a Core Whisperer!

**While our Newsletter comes to you monthly, Wendy will be posting a new Core Whisperer video on Facebook every week, so if you would like to follow her weeky series, please follow us on Facebook.

In the world of health and fitnss, "core" has largely become a buzzword, watered down as a profound distinction, and with that any real power of deep understanding and access.

In this enlivening series, we will explore Core as relationship: with gravity, ourselves, one another and our environment. And, how dynamic, life-affirming movement fully expresses itself through the expanded lenses that intersect Pilates and all the great body/mind disciplines…empowering us to… live life with passion, purpose and vitality.

When we open to "core as relationship", we awaken to our wholeness – our fluid resonance. Gravity ceases to be an adversary…and becomes a true friend. We are supported in our engagement with life, in the seamless dance that is our birthright.

Come join me. Let's explore together. Let's follow the breadcrumbs….

With deep love and respect,


• The Envelope please...

Reve Sheppard pumpkin winner

...and we have a winner: Reve Sheppard's "Pilates..for a Boo-tiful Body"! Pumpkin!

We had a ghoulishly good time celebrating Halloween with our first-ever Pumpkin Decorating Contest! Our winner, Reve Shapard, went above and beyond with her creative entry, reminding us all that Pilates makes you BOO-tiful. Dedicated client that she is, Reve has already put her $100 gift card towards the purchase of a new series, where she's sure to have a devilishly delightful time. Thank you to all our clients for celebrating one of our favorite holidays with us!

• Wendy's Article voted one of Pilates Style's Best of the Best!

Pilates Style Magazine July-August 2013

Wendy's August 2013 Pilates Style Article on her "Fascial Dog Series" chosen as one of its Best over its first 10 years in publication!

Last month we featured Wendy's recent article: "Core from the Body's Perspective", which appearedsummer 2013 in Pilates Style. Little did we know, until a visiting teacher brought to our attention that this month's issue of Pilates Style is dedicated to the best of the best over the last 10 years...and her "Fascial Dog Series II" was chosen!

Read Article

• Our Community Partners

Our Community Partners

Our featured Community Partner this month is Austin's Workers Defense Project (WDP) Our goal is to exceed last year's contribution of $1000...

...by committing 3% of November's total month's revenue. Founded in 2002, as part of a growing national movement, the WDP has raised powerful voice for Austin's marginalized, and often abused, low-income workers. As one of the most established worker centers in the South, the Workers Defense Project is a leader in fighting for fair conditions for working people. Their untiring and dedicated work for the cause of human dignity and justice has provided a source of power and hope for low-wage workers, who have little access to the resources they need to improve their working and living conditions. We are proud to stand with them in our shared vision of a world where everyone has access to the resources from which to live life with dignity, respect and belonging.


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