Pilates Center of Austin: PIlates Teaser
December | 2014 | Issue 3

• Start the New Year off right -- with a FREE class!!!

Pilates? Oh heavens, no I thought you said pie and latte

After all your holiday celebrating, we've got the perfect antidote:

A FREE "Kickstart 2015" All Levels Class!!!

Come join us at 11:00 the DAY AFTER New Year's (that would be January 2nd, just in case you're reading this after your 3rd glass of eggnog).

Now put that pie down, back away slowly...and reserve now, space is limited!

To Reserve: Call 512-467-8009 or email

• This Month's Video: "The Cat in the Hat Springs Back"

You're just a click away from beginning your journey toward...
Becoming A Core Whisperer!

While our Newsletter comes to you monthly, Wendy will be posting a new Core Whisperer video on Facebook every week, so if you would like to follow her weekly series, please follow us on Facebook.

In the world of health and fitness, "core" has largely become a buzzword, watered down and without any real power of deep understanding and access. In this enlivening series, we will explore Core as relationship: with gravity, ourselves, one another and our environment. And how dynamic, life-affirming movement fully expresses itself through the expanded lenses that intersect Pilates and all the great bodymind disciplines, empowering us.

• "Ignite Your Golf Game with Pilates" is A Huge Success!

Ignite Your Game with Pilates Course

The 1st Ignite Your Game with Pilates Course that just ended was:
a real "Stroke" of Genius!

Yes , this was an actual testimonial.

And here's more:

(Note: After reading the enthusiastic testimonials below, you'll want to know that Marcos and Lloyd will soon be kicking off the next 10 week Course...so mark this down on your calendar: March 14th - May 2rd). Registration opens January 5th.

I'm so glad I took this Course! And that's saying a lot, because I'm a 56-yr-old golfer with a single-digit handicap coming into the Course! There is no question that it helped me, not only with my golf game, but also with my posture, my range of motion, by getting my WHOLE body (muscles, breathing, etc.) to work together, synergistically, to perform better and more efficiently... with less effort and less pain... and typically with better results! Having Lloyd, as a Golf pro, and Marcos as a Pilates pro was a winning combination! Thank you!
- Frances Johnson

The exercises were very beneficial in improving rotation and the good all-around golf pointers and instructions were well balanced and made this a beneficial program. I'm hitting the ball 10% further with half the effort!
- Keith Walkup

The course was fantastic! I was ready to give up golf! I'm now hitting woods straight down the fairway. And, even better, my husband is now excited to play golf with me... and my son is amazed in my improvement! Marcos and Lloyd were able to analyze areas of my golf game that I needed to improve, and set up a program that builds each time I play. Thank you, Thank you!
- Pam Brooks

My whole family plays golf. However, it was becoming less and less enjoyable, as I was unable to play without pain. This course has made such a difference...not only am I pain-free, but with Marcos and Lloyd's help, I'm able play a much better game! And, I'm back to playing with the rest of the family.
-Dorothy Fallin

• Our Community Partners

Our Community PartnersThe Hunger Project

Each month we commit a percentage of our income to an endeavor that shares our vision of a world community where everyone has access to resources that enable the creation of vibrant, vital & healthy lives. Last month we contributed $850 to the Workers Defense Project.

This December we are featuring our global partner, The Hunger Project.

In concert with our support of the Hunger Project, we are proud to be sponsors of the inspiring documentary, EVERY THREE SECONDS (watch video). Premiering at the New Orleans Film Festival this past October, it tells the compelling stories of five everyday people (a young child, a college student, a thirty-something and two seniors) who stepped up and took action in the fight against hunger and poverty, and who, in the process, ended up both transforming themselves and changing the world.


• Everybody gets the holiday blues once in a while...


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