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January | 2015 | Issue 4

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Happy New Year 2015

Whatever is beautiful...
Whatever is meaningful ...
Whatever brings you hope, happiness and love...
May it be yours throughout the coming new year.

Thank you all for the privilege it is to share this incredible work with you all,
Wendy, Michael and the PCA staff

• This Month's "Core Whisper" Video: "A Dog, a Balloon, a Destiny"

You're just a click away from beginning your journey toward...
Becoming A Core Whisperer!

And, today we're going to take a little side trip for some fun with Kyaa, everybody's favorite Pilates Pooch...a true Core Whisperer if their ever was one!

While our Newsletter comes to you monthly, Wendy will be posting a new Core Whisperer video on Facebook every week, so if you would like to follow her weekly series, please follow us on Facebook.

In the world of health and fitness, "core" has largely become a buzzword, watered down and without any real power of deep understanding and access. In this enlivening series, we will explore Core as relationship: with gravity, ourselves, one another and our environment. And how dynamic, life-affirming movement fully expresses itself through the expanded lenses that intersect Pilates and all the great bodymind disciplines, empowering us.

•  Valentine's Day Soon to Follow...

PIlates ValentineA Complimentary 2 Hour Workshop With Wendy

"Deepening your Practice"
(Open to all our clients, Beginning to Advanced)
Sat. Feb 14th, 2-4 pm

Reserve your Space

• Resolutions Provide Little Resolve...Or was Sisyphus a Kissin' Cousin?

ResolutiionsThe #1 New Year's resolution people make is to exercise.
The #1 broken resolution is to exercise.

What follows is an article that Michael wrote a couple of years ago to address the less than stellar performance many of us have with New Year's resolutions, particularly those involving fitness and wellbeing. It may surprise you; we promise it'll get you thinking. What if we could get straight to the heart of all the misfires, all the times we resolve to make big changes, and somehow come up short...and breakthrough to where not only kept promises live, but transformational results, as well?

Hopefully, the title of this article got your attention - that was the idea. Because, you see...

Read Michael's Entire Article / PDF

• Happy Birthday! Mary Bowen: 85 and Thrivin'...and we ain't Jivin'!

Happy Birthday! Mary Bowen:

Mary Bowen Birthday!

Now, we have this long standing tradition at the Pilates Center of Austin...when it's someone's Birthday, everyone in studio drops to the floor and does the "Hundreds", while singing the Australian version of "Happy Birthday" that Wendy grew up with. So Mary, here you go! Opps!...wait a minute there's a couple of people out there that aren't at the ready yet...now, everbody's got to get into Hundreds position for this to work...OK, looks like we're all


Happy Birthday to YOU!
Happy Birthday to YOU!

Happy Birthdaaaaaaaaaay Dear Mary
Happy Birthday to YOU!

For she's a jolly good lady!
For she's a jolly good lady!
For she's a jolly good laaaaaaaaaaady!
And so say all of us!
And so say all of us!

Hip hip HOORAY!
Hip hip HOORAY!
And so say all of us!

Happy Birthday, Dear, Dear Mary!!!

• Our Community & Global Partners

Each month we commit a percentage of our income to an endeavor that shares our vision of a world community where everyone has access to resources that enable the creation of vibrant, vital & healthy lives. Last month we contributed $780 to the Hunger Project. This January we are featuring our Austin partner, the Hyde Park Theater.

The Hunger Project

Hyde Park Theater
is one of the
sparkling jewels
in Austin's
Violet Crown.
And it's right here in our neighborhood!


HPT has been producing some of Austin's most acclaimed theater/live performances (46 Critics' Table Awards, 26 B. Iden Payne Awards,...the list goes on...and on) ever since its first performance in 1992, just months before the Pilates Center of Austin first opened its doors on Zennia Street. We are absolutely delighted to count them one of our principal Community Partners for almost as long. We love them!

And just as notable as the edgy, bold, experimental, inspirational quality of their work, is their commitment to paying decent wages to local writers, actors and designers, and to making theater accessible across lines of income, class, race, gender and sexual orientation.

The crown jewel in their vast repertoire is Fronterrafest, the largest fringe performance festival in the Southwest. It runs for a month, mid-January to mid-Febuary, every night except Sunday. Expect anything from short plays to improve to slam poetry to theater of the absurd. And, it is just too much fun. Small theater, fills fast. Not to be missed!!!

A standing ovation to you, HTP, for your hand creating the kind of Austin community that we all treasure!


• What was Einstien was saying about ...The same thing over & over...


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