Pilates Center of Austin: Pilates Teaser
Mar/April | 2015 | Issue 5

• Okay, it's time to bring your best game…

PCA April Fools contest

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As always, and all kidding aside, our deepest gratitude for the privilege it is to share this incredible work with you all,
Wendy, Michael and the PCA staff

• This Month's "Core Whisperer" Video:
"Trauma: It's Not Just a Problem...It's a Process"

You're just a click away from beginning your journey toward...
Becoming A Core Whisperer!

Wendy Sharing about Unraveling Her Trauma...It's not a Problem...It's a Process

"What would you do if you woke up one morning and your left arm wasn't functioning? That's what happened to me last Tuesday morning. I was not able to lift my arm...I had no muscular control, and it acted in spastic ways, recoiling toward my chest, or totally weak.  I thought I might have had a small stroke during the night, so I called my doctor and made an appointment.

My doctor is not a drug dispenser; he did some tests and both of us could tell that I had not had a stroke…yet, he really didn't know what was going on. He advised me to keep noticing what I might have done that might be creating compression of a nerve.

That night while attempting to bring my hands toward my face to wash it, I had a flashback to the head-on collision I was in 8 years ago, where my sternum was cracked and I had a severe whiplash.  After the accident, I could not bring my hands to my face for several weeks, because my arms did not have the support of my mid back because of my cracked sternum and neck trouble…it really gave me a deeper understanding of the intrinsic power of what I am describing in the 3Core Connections® Perspective as the Upper Core (upper gravity center).

With this insight, I realized that my mid back area which has been itchy for years after the accident was not itchy, and yet my arm wasn't working.  As we know, the biointelligent approach to movement is about fluid movement in relationship with the gravitational field. As I explore sounding, and deeper breath awareness with movement,  my body awareness patterning has been altered over the years by the potent somatic practices that I have studied and now that awareness has dramatically shifted the way I cue movement with voice and touch as a movement educator.

This experience is enabling me to be present to the trauma pattern that occurred during the accident and the possibility of unraveling trauma naturally in layers over time.  My arm has continued to improve throughout this past week…and because of how I listen to my body's guidance, it is teaching me what to do to continue to unravel the trauma…this is an incredible experience, and one I am very grateful for that enables me to hold a more potent space for others in their life processes.

In the world of health and fitness, "core" has largely become a buzzword, watered down and without any real power of deep understanding and access. In this enlivening series, we will explore Core as relationship: with gravity, ourselves, one another and our environment. And how dynamic, life-affirming movement fully expresses itself through the expanded lenses that intersect Pilates and all the great bodymind disciplines, empowering us.

• What Pilates has meant to me…

Listen to What Matt Belisle, Denver Rockies Pitcher, says... about Wendy and her "3Core Connections" Program:

"Wendy helped me tap into a source that I didn't even know was there--it was a breakthrough in my pitching...and in my career!"

• New Offering: 3Core Connections® Perspective's Embodied Anatomy and Movement Course

PCA Workshop3Core Connections® Perspective
Embodied Anatomy and Functional Movement Course with Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle

Two Part Mini-Workshop
$250 ($50 discount, if registered by April 15th)
June 20th and July 18th, 1:00-4:00 pm

6 CECs available:
PMA, PhysicalMind, Peak and The Pilates Center

Call 512-467-8009 to Register

I invite you to join me in an exciting 2-Part Mini Workshop...right here in Austin, and specifically designed with YOU in mind. Drawing from my 40 years of exploration and intensive studies with pioneers of movement and imagery in yoga, Pilates, somatic arts & sciences and Structural Integration bodywork, we will plumb the depths of your intuitive teacher. My focus is to enliven your teaching skills while enriching your personal practice.

Workshop Details

• Congratulations to the 2014 "Passing the Torch" Mentored Teachers... 

...who have just completed their 2014-2015 year-long Passing the Torch Mentoring Program. Fabulous, one and all, they are (left to right): Susan Burke, Melody Benton-Thompson, Emily Mokwunye, Diana Martin and Yuki Yoshii.

Passing the Torch teachers: Julie Long, Stefannie DeLa Mora, Clara Gelatt, Connie Borho, and Marilyn Katz,

And, WELCOME! to our new 2015-2016 year-long Passing the Torch teachers: Julie Long, Stefannie DeLa Mora, Clara Gelatt, Connie Borho, and Marilyn Katz, who began their program in February and will be joining us for their first week-long intensive in Austin, June 22nd - 26th !

• Our Community & Global Partners

Each month we commit a percentage of our income to an endeavor that shares our vision of a world community where everyone has access to resources that enable the creation of vibrant, vital and healthy lives. In January and February, we featured the Hyde Park Theater and Doctors Without Borders, contributing $1110 and $865 respectively, from revenues generated in each month.

The Hunger Project

This March we are featuring Austin's Safe Place,

...with a deep respect and appreciation for all those who give and recieve their life affirming services. With a resolute commitment to ending domestic and sexual violence through protection, healing, prevention and social change, Safe Place has become an indipensible conduit to freedom for battered and abused women in our city.


• Ahhhh, Springtime is here...for today at least...


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